Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Welcome to 2011

Another year has begun ...so more New Year's Resolutions!!!
I have really let myself in it this time I have announced on the Vintage Krankers Sock Knitting Machine Group that I will knit one sock A DAY.!!! No I hadn't been drinking but I am mad.
We have reached day 4 and I have completed 3 socks to date, so today's sock will match day 3's, a pink sock in our latest yarn  55% Alpaca 25% Merino and 20% nylon in 3ply thickness. I have made it on a 72 needle cylinder on the same tension as I would use for the Trekking Sock Yarn   It is wearable but the leg knitting is a bit loose. The foot I knitted with the heel spring in place which tightens up the tension and it has come out perfect.  So next pair also in pink (as haven't got time to dye any more yet) will be done on a tighter tension and only the heel spring used for heels and toes.
Now back to flat bed knitting finishing orders before continuing  building the shopping cart on my website
www.strands-knitwear.co.uk  (by the time it is completed I will be too old to knit!!)

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